Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let's Talk About Avon

I'm sure that all of you have either used or heard of Avon at some point in your life. I remember my mom selling it (amongst everything else) as a young girl. My fav was playing with the lipstick samples. A few years back a very dear friend began to sell it. I remember thinking...she's nuts! After watching her gazillion posts on Facebook about it I decided that maybe there was something to this Avon thing and gave it a whirl. To my surprise...not only was Avon completely up to date, they are the ones coming out with all of these great new technologies. Avon came out with their Reversalist line long before Oil of Olay and the other skin care companies came out with theirs. Not only that....they have amazing products!! I was very surprised when I recently spent over $80.00 on eye shadow from Ulta and hated it!! My $8.00 8-in1 eye palette is way better! Unfortunately I had to give up my days of selling Avon due to lack of time. However, I was lucky to Have Anne! Not only did she find exactly what I wanted, even with my lackluster description, but she ordered it and got it to me so quickly so that I didn't run out of the one I was finishing up!! So if you are looking for a great product....whether it be skin care....make-up... or nail polish....contact Anne @ www.youravon.com/anneneal
You can order directly from her website and have it shipped to your home for your convenience.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Gucci Flora Garden Collection BzzCampaign

So I just got a BzzAgent Campaign. For those of you that aren't familiar with BzzAgent, it is a wonderful website that matches you with campaigns based on surveys you fill out. Once matched and confirmed with a campaign they ship out a Bzzkit to you. The Bzzkit usually contains whatever product you were matched with and coupons to pass along to your friends so that they can try the product as well. Sometimes, they even give you a coupon to get the product for free for yourself. The premise behind BzzAgent is that you will tell your friends about the product you receive. Since word of mouth is the best form of advertising, this method seems to work quite well.
I am please to share that the BzzCampaign I got this time is the...

Gucci Flora Garden Collection

Express your beauty and femininity with a discerning collection of floral fragrances

The campaign isn't quite off the ground and up and running yet, but keep checking for updated info about the campaign and the new Gucci Flora Garden Collection. I can't wait to try it!!
Go to www.BzzAgent.com and get your Bzz on!!